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carla large


Carla Lopes

Postdoctoral Researcher

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My research has focused in the biology of centrosomes and cilia in the context of human disease: infertility, ciliopathies and cancer. In 2011 I joined the Portuguese Oncology Institute in Lisbon (IPOLFG) as a postdoc to investigate how centrosome amplification contributes to cancer, in collaboration with the Cell Cycle Regulation Lab, the Computational Genomics Lab (IGC), and the Harvard Medical School (USA). I then joined the lab in 2014, studying more fundamental aspects of the life cycle of centrosomes (Lopes et al. Dev. Cell 2015; Pimenta-Marques et al. Science 2016). I am currently the principal investigator of my biomedical research project (PTDC/MED-ONC/31565/2017) that I am developing in the lab and at Oncology Institute in Lisbon (IPOLFG), aiming to understand how centrosome abnormalities arise and contribute to cancer initiation and progression

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