DNA extraction from mouse tail for genotyping

Genotyping of NUDE mice

Genotyping of Foxp3 mice

Genotyping of TCR ab KO mice

Western Blots (mini-gels)

Amplifying plasmids

Transfection of 293T cells with Ca2PO4

Extraction of cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins

Isolation of Lymphocytes from Spinal Cord

Cell sorting with Miltenyi columns

DC sorting

Fetal Thymus Organ Cultures (FTOCs)

Re-aggregated Thymus Organ Cultures (RTOCs)

Th1 Cells culture

Th17 Cells culture

Treg Cells culture

Chemiluminescent B-gal assay on tissue sample

Protein assay ("DC protein assay" from Bio-RAD)

Basic FACS staining protocol for cell surface molecules

Staining with Annexin V and PI or MAbs

FACS for mouse Foxp3

Intracellular staining of cytokines (old fashion way)

Intracellular staining of cytokines (BD Pharmingen)

H&E staining in frozen sections

H&E staining in paraffin sections


Immunofluorescence for mouse Foxp3

LacZ staining

TUNEL in tissues

TUNEL in cell suspensions


Epidermal sheets and IHC to identify LC

Aggregated Ovalbumin

DSS colitis

Anesthesic solution

FACS Buffer 10x

MOWIOL (to be used as Fluoromount G)

ACK lysis buffer

RBC lysis buffer 10x

Ficoll solution

Gel buffer solutions