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Our Work

Image We study the regulation of cell proliferation with an emphasis on centrioles and cilia. Centrioles are essential for the formation of several microtubule-organizing structures, including centrosomes, cilia and flagella. more

Our Approach

Image Ours is an integrated approach that combines studies in model organisms with studies in human cells, along with bioinformatics and mathematical modelling. more

Our Research

Centrosome Biogenesis & Function

ImageCentrioles are essential for the formation of several microtubule-organizing structures including centrosomes, cilia, and flagella. In the centrosome, two centrioles associate with the pericentriolar matrix, constituting the primary microtubule-organizing centre of animal cells. more

The Team

ImageThere are many of us in the Cell Cycle Regulation Lab: the PI, PhD students, Post-Doc fellows, and research assistants. Each of us works on a different, but complementary, project. Currently, the group encompasses biologists, biochemists, chemists, cytologists, and biological engineers, but we welcome people from other backgrounds, such as medicine, physics, and informatics (more).